The Beginning and the End of Religion

Unfortunately , notwithstanding his wistful recognition that “ The end of history will be a very sad time ' , with little ... of religion is , like the provision of cold beer , a matter of satisfying particular consumer preferences .

The Beginning and the End of  Religion

What is the subject of theology? These fourteen essays argue against the view that "religion" is the name of one particular territory that we may consider or ignore if we feel so inclined. That "religion" is a subject quite different from others, such as politics, art, science, law and economics, is peculiar to modern Western culture. But Professor Lash states that the "modern" world is ending, and in the consequent confusion is the possibility of discovering new forms of ancient wisdom that the "modern" world obscured from view. Part I explores the dialogue between Christianity and Hinduism. Those essays in Part II (six were published between 1988 and 1994, and five are unpublished) consider relations between theology and science, the secularity of Western culture and questions of Christian hope or eschatology.

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