Into the Land of Bones

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Into the Land of Bones

The historical, archaeological, and numismatic legacy of Alexander the Great is followed back and forth between ancient Bactria and modern Afghanistan in a detailed narrative that recounts the plight of Alexander as he led his army into the treacherous world of tribal warfare.

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Into the Land of Bones
Language: en
Pages: 264
Authors: Frank L. Holt
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-10-03 - Publisher: Univ of California Press

The so-called first war of the twenty-first century actually began more than 2,300 years ago when Alexander the Great led his army into what is now a sprawling ruin in northern Afghanistan. Frank L. Holt vividly recounts Alexander's invasion of ancient Bactria, situating in a broader historical perspective America's war
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The land and sea routes of the Phoenicians in their homeland and their trading Empire are examined in the present volume on the ground of Neo-Assyrian military itineraries (Chapters I and II), and of information provided by epigraphy, literary sources, and archaeological findings on Cyprus, in Anatolia, and in the
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The Seleukid kingdom was the largest state in the world for a century and more between Alexander's death and the rise of Rome. It was ruled for all that time by a succession of able kings, but broke down twice, before eventually succumbing to dynastic rivalries, and simultaneous external invasions
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Javanmardi is one of those Persian terms that is frequently mentions in discussions of Persian identity, and yet its precise meaning is difficult to comprehend. A number of equivalents have been offered, including chivalry and manliness, and while these terms are not incorrect, javanmardi transcends them. The concept encompasses character
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This work is both an introduction to the genre of classical tafsīr and a detailed study of one of its major architects, al-Thaʿlabī (d. 427/1035). The book offers a detailed study of the hermeneutical principles that governed al-Thaʿlabī's approach to the Qurʾān, principles which became the norm in later exegetical